Shatterproof: Ambush

Collin seized my arm and hauled me along the levee bike path. “Can you grab your gun quickly if you need to, Leslie?” he asked. His head was in perpetual motion, surveying our surroundings.

“It’s in my back pocket.”

“Good. You might want to hang onto it.”

“I take it this is worse than you thought?”

“Oh, yeah.” Something crackled in the bushes and Collin shoved me behind him. We stood like that for five interminably long seconds of tense silence until the bird rustled its way to the top of the bush. It cheeped at us. Collin exhaled, then grabbed me again and propelled me along with him.

“What are we going to do? We have to help my Dad.”

Do you have a death wish?”

“No, but I’m not leaving him!” The thought of him being trapped with creatures like I saw the other night scared me beyond belief. My stomach was a cold pit of ice.

Collin stopped short and I tripped over him. He cursed. “Leslie, you might not have a choice,” he said.

I looked up and our path was blocked.

Three red-eyed, mismatched creatures stared back at us.

* * *

(This piece is part of an ongoing serial story. You can catch up on the plot via the Serials page. If you liked this work, please consider purchasing one of my other stories, or some of my music for your collection. :) )

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