Excellent performances


Do you see that? FULL HOUSE. :) I had the absolutely wonderful privilege of playing for a full house at the impeccable Cafe Sage on Saturday. It was lovely, and I think one of my best shows yet. There’s just something to be said for a willing, attentive audience… :)

It was even better, too, because a good friend and old bandmate of mine joined me on the cajon, or box drum, during the second half and we ripped it up just like old times. Lovely. :)

To everyone who showed up, everyone who made the night possible, I would like to extend an immense thank you, because without your support of live music, people like me would not be able to continue with this career. You make it all worthwhile. :)

Let Me Go Available NOW and Celtic at Sage

Just a couple quick announcements!

My new album, “Let Me Go” is available NOW in any digital format of your choosing off my Bandcamp site! Woo! Physical CDs to follow.

I will be putting on a Celtic music show in Lewiston, Idaho’s Sage Cafe (1303 Main Street) on April 7th starting at 7p.m. It’s gonna be acoustic (I know, big departure from “Holes,”) with some traditional Irish flute thrown in for flavor.

At this concert, I’ll have a few remaining copies of my debut CD “Fledgling” available for sale, and maybe a few early bird CDs of “Let Me Go,” although that depends on how soon I can get them made up.

It’s gonna be a fun Saturday night… See you there?

[EDIT, 8:41pm] So sorry guys! It didn’t go up for sale until 10 minutes ago, so if you checked earlier and weren’t able to buy, I sincerely apologize. :( For everyone else, you *can* buy now! :)

Celtic songs

As I lay down the final few tracks on my upcoming album, “Let Me Go,” I am struck by the realization that I want to head in a different direction. Maybe it’s because I feel I’ve already had my say with the modern and the contemporary. Maybe I feel a little homesick for the traditional songs I fell in love with way back when. I’m not sure. I only know that that is where I want to head next.

Only…. I’m not sure how to get there…!

It’s one thing to sit down and compose a mimicry; all the rules have been laid out for you already, all you have to do is wrangle some notes and a series of words to fit. It’s entirely another to set down original material that utilizes the existing rule set, and yet transcends them.

It’s especially hard when so much of my creative thought is contemporary in feel. It’s like walking into a 17th century opera house and hearing fusion jazz in the ornate lobby… How do I write ‘Celtic’ when it’s percolation place is 21st century? How do I tap into that ancient atmosphere, and faithfully recreate it with my own words, my own sound?

They say the hardest part of any journey is taking that first step, and I’m beginning to believe them. I feel like I’m standing before a locked door, to which I have no key. All I need to do is pick the lock….