I am not a radio… And other performance observations

I have debated long and hard about posting this. I do not wish to offend anyone, but I would like to share with you a few personal observations regarding audience etiquette…


  • Plays constantly
  • Can be turned off and on at will
  • Inanimate
  • Has no capacity for higher thought or feeling
  • Is entertaining… Sometimes
  • Can be stuffed in a closet
  • Only talks about news, politics, and current events
  • Is free
  • Is courageous only in the face of a power surge


  • Plays constantly
  • Turns on and off at their own will
  • Living, breathing, animate object
  • Cares what you think and has emotions
  • Works hard to be entertaining
  • Deserves respect
  • Loves to talk to you about music, or other things you may have in common
  • Is paid… Sometimes
  • Is courageous in offering a part of their soul with every song

Musicianing is hard work. It’s an art that takes countless hours of preparation for only a few hours of entertainment. At the base of it, it makes my day to see you relax and take solace in my music after a mind-numbing day. I don’t care if I’m the main attraction, so long as somebody connects, feels, understands. I’m more infamous than famous, and this little dive is not Carnegie Hall. I know that. It’s painfully obvious whenever I glance at the tip jar…

But regardless, these are my few hours, and I want to share them with you. Consider it a date of sorts, if you will. Would you shoot your date a dirty glance for wanting to converse with you, face-to-face? Is a cell phone shouting match with your mother that important? Does hanging onto the miserable events of a miserable day help you in any way?

Let me play for you. Let me see if I can make you smile, forget your cares for a while. Let me try to show you that I get it, that I’ve been there, too. Let me give you my undivided attention. Let me in, just for a little while.

Give me a chance. That’s all I ask. And if you find a little peace while you’re in my care, let me know, even if all it is is a smile and nod as you leave. :)

I am not a radio. I’m a human being.